Press and Media

The results of the HYPMED Project will have a significant impact on breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a result, keeping all stakeholders informed and up-to-date is also a key aim of the project and a range of press and dissemination material will be created at each stage of the project to announce the latest results.

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Name Date File
HYPMED Newsletter - February/March 2018 2018-02-19 HYPMED NL2.pdf
HYPMED flyer 2017-08-08 HYPMEDFolder2016.pdf
HYPMED Newsletter - February/March 2017 2017-02-28 HYPMED_NL_Feb2017.pdf
Project Fact Sheet 2016-03-02 HYPMED Fact Sheet.pdf
Press Release 2016-01-27 HYPMED_Press_release_Jan_2016.pdf
Project Logo 2016-01-01 hyp-logo-horizontalclaim-rgb.png


During the course of it's four-year research period, HYPMED researchers will publish a range of scientific articles and every effort will be made to make these available on an open-access basis.

Below is a list of publications related to the HYPMED Project which will be updated as the project progresses.

Name Date File
'Novel PET/MRI Technology for Enhanced Breast Cancer Diagnosis' DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING EUROPE (November 2017) Pg. 18-19 2017-11-15 DIEurope November 2017 final.pdf
'Crystal Delay and Time Walk Correction Methods for Coincidence Resolving Time Improvements of a Digital-Silicon-Photomultiplier-Based PET/MRI Insert' David Schug, Bjoern Weissler, Pierre Gebhardt, Volkmar Schulz - IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON RADIATION AND PLAS 2017-10-31 IEEE_ Crystal Delay.pdf
'Intercrystal Scatter Rejection for Pixelated PET Detectors' Christian Ritzer, Patrick Hallen, David Schug, and Volkmar Schulz - IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON RADIATION AND PLASMA MEDICAL SCIENCES 2017-03-31 IEEE_Intercrystal Scatter Rejection.pdf