Work Packages

Development of the PET-RF insert
Work Package 1

The aim of Work Package 1 is to develop a dedicated ultra sensitive hybrid PET-RF insert for breast cancer diagnosis as well as PET/MRI-guided biopsy. 

Quantative diagnostic MRI-PET imaging methods
Work Package 2

This work package aims to develop novel methods and technologies for quantitative and diagnostic PET/MRI. 

Exploration and demonstraion of the capabilities of PET-RF insert in a clinical study
Work Package 3

In this work package researchers will prepare the clinical use of the PET-RF insert composed in WP1 and WP2 and investigate its diagnostic utility by a prospective intra-individual comparative diagnostic accuracy study that will include a total of 300 patients in Aachen Germany and Vienna, Austria.

Tissue biomarkers
Work Package 4

Work Package 4 aims to identify which components of the microenvironment together with the cancer tissue are responsible for the different “imaging phenotypes” observed in PET/MRI imaging. Understanding the complex biology of tumor cells and their microenvironment critically depends on visualizing directly the cellular interactions of the tumor and its stromal components. 

Exploitation and dissemination
Work Package 5

The aim of this work package is to ensure that project's results are successfully exploited by protecting and managing new intellectual property, collaborating with the project's SME partners as well as external industry representatives (Advisory Board members) and developing a road-map towards widespread clinical application.

Project Management
Work Package 6

Work package 6 is responisble for the legal, financial and day-to-day management of the project. As project coordinator, EIBIR will liaise with the European Commission (EC), facilitate effective information exchange within the consortium and address contractual and reporting requirements. In addition, WP6 encompasses the coordination of the project governance (e.g. management of External Expert Advisory Board).