Over its four years of research the HYPMED project will achieve a number of key results on its path to creating a hybrid PET-MRI system. The list below contains the project's public deliverables which will be updated as the project progresses.

Name Date File
Deliverable 4.2: Correlation of histopathological parameters, tumour micro-environment and PET–MR imaging 2020-06-30 Correlation.pdf
Deliverable 4.3: Definition of biomarker signatures correlated to PET–MR imaging 2020-06-30 Biomarkers.pdf
Deliverable 5.5: Report on maintenance of website, updating with project news, results, success information 2020-06-27 WebsiteMaintenance.pdf
Deliverable 4.1: Definition of different types of immune infiltrates - immunoscore 2020-05-20 Immunoscore.pdf
Deliverable 5.3: End user workshop 2020-04-01 Workshop.pdf
Deliverable 5.1: Project website and corporate identity 2018-11-06 Website.pdf
Deliverable 2.3: Quantitative reconstruction environment 2018-10-01 Reconstruction.pdf